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Occupy Edmonton gets straight back to work (and play)

After early morning arrests on Friday, 25 November 2011 from the square at 102nd Street and Jasper Avenue in Edmonton, Occupy Edmonton got straight back to work. It held its first off-camp General Assembly last night, from 6:30 until 9, in the main cafeteria at Grant MacEwan University. We started by hearing what had been everyone’s favourite moment from the last 42 days. Somebody quipped that it was nice to see what everyone looked like in the light. We then got down to planning new Actions.

A reporter from Global TV Edmonton joined us saying Global really wants to be able to tell our story. Thank you, Global.

Of course, we’d prefer if everyone comes and helps make the story. Please join us tomorrow at Ezio Faraone Park, on the NW side of High Level Bridge, at 1p.m. for a rally in a park with a stunning view, then march with us over the High Level Bridge for our second off-camp assembly at the University of Alberta at 3 p.m.